Rhonda Nishimoto

If you are visiting this site to find out more about me or the courses I teach, then you've come to the right placve!


I've been teaching Multimedia for the past 18 years to both high school students and adults. I am the Multimedia Dept. Co-Chair and a Certified Internet Webmaster. . In addition to teaching, I own two businesses (one commercial and one non-profit). So in addition to my teaching background, I bring you real-world experiences and expectations. You should also know that I am very specific about my expectations and my requirements for passing my courses.

To find out more about my background, please review my resume or view my company websites:


Intro to Multimedia, MUL 110

A survey course that addresses image editing, logo design, animation, web page creation, and audio. Read more...

Interactive Media Design I MUL 112

The second course in the web design employment concentration. This course addresses W3C Compliant web design, information architecture, planning documents and more. Read more...

Dynamic Web Design MUL 218

The third course int he web design employment concentration. This course addresses database-driven websites, Web 2.0. ecommerc, social media and SEO. Read more...